Country will be stabilized before the elections : President - Sri Lanka Muslim
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President Maithripala Sirisena spoke to Reuters yesterday (May 04) and noted, he would restore stability before a presidential election due by year-end.

The president noted that security forces would eradicate terrorism after the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

President Sirisena said it’s crystal clear that Islamic State organisation is behind the attacks as they made an announcement and claimed responsibility for the attacks.

He stressed that elections could not be postponed.

President added, that Security forces had already identified all active members of the group and it was “a case of arresting them,” and that there were 25 to 30 other “active members” linked to the bombings who are still at large.

According to the president, terrorism is not only relevant to Sri Lanka and it is a global issue.

The Head of State further added that even the US, Russia, Britain, Germany or Australia have not been able to completely eradicate the global IS terror threat. (NF)

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