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All Deviant Islamic Religious Movements must Return to Main Stream of Islam


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Y L S Hameed

Islam descended 1400 years ago. The core of Islam is the Quran and the Sunna. These had to be interpreted and laws and rules had to be deduced therefrom in order to make it easy for the followers of Islam to regulate their lives in line with the dictates of their religion.

This was done by great Imams several hundred years ago. Ulamas of their time and after, for several hundred years followed their interpretations without disputes.

It is mainly within the last two centuries that most of the Islamic Religious Movements emerged on the platform that what a Muslim needs to follow is only the Quran and the Sunna and not any Imam. On the face of it, it sounded highly logical and people started getting attracted towards their campaign.

What was lost on the people who turned towards them was that if a Muslim was not to follow any Imam or great Ulamas of the best period after the Prophet ( sal) other than the Quran and the Sunna, why these people had come in, between the people and the Quran and the Sunna forming various movements. They should have simply told the people to follow the Quran and the Sunna on their own without taking into account interpretations of anyone.

Here what needs to be understood is that what these movements were disputing was not the Quran and the Sunna but the interpretations by great Imams and Ulamas thereto and in order to convince the people to reject their interpretations, they told the people only to follow the Quran and the Sunna. It is a tricky campaign.

Then, what they did was that they started replacing the interpretations of those great Imams with their own ones calling it “ Pure Islam”. What the Muslims followed for several hundred years was dubbed to be impure Islam and therefore they required the people to follow the interpretations of these movements.

Where things went wrong as far as followers of these movements were concerned was their failure to think 1)why if only the Quran and the Sunna were to be followed they were coming out with their own interpretations, 2) whether it was possible for the time-tested interpretations of the great Imams to be accurate or for these new interpretations to be accurate, 3) whether they, being ordinary followers of these movements or laymen where the Religion was concerned were capable themselves of judging which of the two interpretations ( those by the great Imams and by these movements) would be accurate or correct, 4) if the interpretations of the great Imams were not accurate how come it was accepted by Ulamas without qualms for centuries until the advent of these movements and 5) whether the Muslims who had followed the interpretations of the Imams for more than thousand years until the emergence of these movements, were in the wrong path.

Therefore it is here that deviation from the true Religion sneaks out. When it was found that these deviations attracted people movements of this sort started proliferating the World over.

As far as Sri Lanka was concerned, these movements started raising their heads only in the latter part of the last Century. The proliferation thereof was at its peak after the dawn of the New Millennium.

The Danger
The danger here is that each movement differs in their interpretations at least in certain respect of the Religion because when they for whatever reasons, want to form a new movement, they need to show that they are not identical in their interpretations with any of the movements already in existence lest people would see no justification to rally round the latest movements.

In effect what happens is that followers of all these movements which emerged to propagate Islam deviant from what the great Imams preached and followed by the majority of Ulamas up to the present are detached from the true teachings of or true interpretations of the Religion and brain- washed by these movements to believe and accept whatever they preach in the name of the Religion.

How they are turned terrorists
When someone forms a movement in the name of the Religion with the intent of engaging in terrorism, at least some of the followers who have already been brain washed by movements to believe and accept anything deviant from the true teachings of Islam easily fall prey to their terrorist agenda though the original movements that brain washed them to accept deviant teachings as true Islam may not have had any terrorist agenda.

This is borne out of the fact that these misguided people are already taken away from the true teachings of Islam ironically in the name of Islam and that they can be moulded into whatever form these designers want them to turn out to be. Otherwise, had they been in the right sense of their mind would they have killed their own children and women as they killed themselves believing that their act would see them in the Heaven when the Religion had decreed that even in a real war, they should not kill children and women of the enemy?

As far as the Sri Lankan Muslims are concerned, they have lived in this Country for well over thousand years as a peace-loving Community. During the 30 year war, they chose to stay with the majority of this Country and as a result, paid dearly in terms of lives and property. But with the War having been brought to an end in 2009, Muslims instead of enjoying the dividend of peace found themselves in a highly harassed condition caused by racists.

At least some youths who had already been brain washed to believe deviant interpretations and become frustrated by the harassment caused by racists could have easily been turned towards terrorism in the name of the Religion through wrong interpretations. So it is possible that they were made to believe that they would be rewarded with a place in heaven if they died in the act of terrorism though that was contrary to the true teachings of Islam.


1. All these movements which emerged recently that preach deviant Islam under false banners must be made to understand that they are on wrong paths and the Community must prevail upon them to return to the main stream of the Religion dissolving all their movements. This task must be spearheaded by the ACJU with necessary support from the Government.

2. All Mathrasas should follow one set of syllabus designed in line with the ones followed fifty years ago in our Mathrasas when there were no issues of this nature in existence.

3. Government must set in motion a programme aimed at inculcating a sense in the minds of all the people irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity that all are equal and are entitled to equal rights and that they all carry one identity that is “Sri Lankan”.
4. The Government by words and deeds must show that it means it.

Sri Lanka, which has witnessed a thirty year war cannon be plunged into another catastrophe.

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